Sharing & Celebrating Our Values

Sharing & Celebrating Our Values at Castlebrae Community High School will provide meaningful experiences to all students and staff, aiding their overall moral development.

The school community of staff, students and families comes from a variety of faith, and non-faith backgrounds and worldviews. This diversity will be valued and considered when planning ‘Opportunities for Personal Reflection’.

To further these aims, the school will therefore plan:

  • to allow all students and staff to engage in shared activities reflecting and expressing their morality, needs and aspirations;
  • to celebrate important occasions in the life of the school and the community; and
  • to involve students and staff in experiences which stimulate, challenge and extend their capacities for a moral response to the world in which they live.

We will look at who we are to the various people that we relate to in life, what these people mean to us and how we can create positive relationships with those around us. We hope to give focus and meaning to the journeys of both staff and students – empowering and energising, encouraging each member of our school community to be all that they can be for themselves and also to others, both in school and in the wider community.

There are 6 main Sharing & Celebrating Our Values Events throughout 2016-17 that all students and staff can attend (attendance is not compulsory, and students can opt out, supported by a parental note).

However, our weekly whole school assemblies will often cover themes which encourage our community to pause and reflect on world issues.

  • Care & compassion – Macmillan cancer support assembly – October 2016
  • Remembrance – November 2016
  • Christmas – December 2016
  • Holocaust Memorial Day – January 2017
  • Easter – March 2017
  • Humanism – May 2017