Literacy Policy

Literacy Policy



Mission Statement

“Literacy across learning is the responsibility of all, to ensure that the written word is accessible by all”

Castlebrae Community High School is committed to raising the standards of Literacy of all of its students. We aim to help them to develop the ability to use Literacy skills effectively in all areas of the curriculum and use them as a platform to cope confidently with the demands of further education, employment and adult life.


Literacy underpins the school curriculum by developing students’ abilities to speak, listen and communicate, to think, explore and organise. This includes enabling students to express themselves orally and in writing.

Literacy involves the capacity to recognise, reproduce and manipulate the conventions of a range of texts as defined in the Curriculum for Excellence documentation. Competent literacy skills enable pupils to read, understand and access the whole school curriculum so that students are able to achieve their educational potential.

The promotion of literacy skills is the responsibility of all staff.

Raising Standards of Literacy

The framework for literacy and learning identifies three main areas for development:

  • Learning through talk and listening
  • Reading and learning from text
  • Learning through writing

Learning through Talk/Speaking and Listening:

  • Using talk to clarify and present ideas
  • Active listening to understand
  • Talking and thinking together


Reading and Learning from text:

  • Developing research and study skills
  • Reading for meaning
  • Understanding how texts work

Learning through writing:

  • Using writing as a tool for thinking
  • Structuring and organising writing
  • Developing clear and appropriate expression


Role of Literacy Coordinators


  • To promote literacy initiatives across the school
  • To provide information on local and national initiatives and practices
  • To support the provision of relevant, high quality professional development


Role of the Literacy across Learning Working Group

  • To encourage a cross-curricular approach to the teaching and consolidation of literacy skills
  • To encourage departments to measure the impact of literacy strategies on pupil attainment


Role of all staff

  • To provide effective courses at all stages, for all pupils, which develop skills systematically and build on the students’ existing language skills and prior attainment
  • To offer a rich and varied experience to develop appropriate ranges of communication skills
  • To agree challenging but achievable targets and implement strategies to achieve them
  • To work with students in a variety of ways to support literacy skills


Role of Specialist staff

  • To assess the needs of students with literacy difficulties.
  • To provide appropriate support to improve literacy skills.