Craigmillar Book Festival

You are invited to Craigmillar Book Festival for children, young people and families in Craigmillar Library on Saturday 18th of November at 11am, and Saturday 25th of November 12.30 pm. All events are free! There will be Storytelling, comic writing, art and craft workshops, rhyme times, competitions, visiting authors and balloon twisting book show. We hope you can come!

Free events for children and families!

Saturday 18th of November

Storytelling show: Macastory’s History, Myth and Magic!

Saturday 18th of November at 11.00-12.00. Venue: Craigmillar Library

Join Macastory for a journey through time: tales of the ancients, adventure and magic… meet characters from the past and join them for high adventure of the most magical kind!

Fergus McNicol and Ronnie Fairweather are the duo ‘Macastory’ who perform a mixture of stories, poems and songs on a bewildering array of subjects. Macastory provide an interactive experience of storytelling, raps, songs and larger than life characters to engage and excite children (and adults!) of all ages.

Craft activity: Make a storystick with Macastory.

Saturday 18th of November at 11.00-12.00. Venue: Craigmillar Library.

Craft workshop for the whole family. Make your own adventurous story sticks to take home.


Saturday 25th of November

Storytime with Hamish Teddy

Saturday 25th of November at 11.00 -12.00 pm. Venue: Craigmillar library.

Age group: for mums, dads, carers & children under 4. Older siblings welcome!


Big Kid Twister’s BIG BOOK SHOW

Saturday 25th of November at 12.30 -13.30 pm. Age group: 5 – 12. Venue: Craigmillar library.

Everyone knows books are magic, and Big Kid Twister’s Big Balloon Show is out to prove it. The Big Book Show is an interactive pre-school reading show full of stories from our big magical books, our full animated balloon puppets and lots of balloon props.

Artman’s Art Challenge!!

Saturday 25th of November at 13.30 – 14.00. Venue: Craigmillar Library. Age group: For all. 

Join in Artman’s Drawing Challenge to make the world’s looooooongest drawing.


Doctor Book

Tell us what you like and Doctor Book will write you a prescription for some wonderful and inspiring new books to read. A simple medical procedure to cure your reading woes for children, babies, teens and parents.

Saturday 25th of November at 12.30 – 14.00. Venue: Craigmillar Library. Age group: All ages. 


Comics Workshops!!

These two Friday after school workshops are designed for children 8+ that likes to draw and to learn more about comics and drawing. We have selected two well known comic illustrators to lead these two free workshops. Parents are welcome to join in too!


A Closer Look at Comics with Tom Foster

Friday 17th of November at 14.00 – 15.00 pm. Venue: Craigmillar Library. Age group: 8 +.

Tom Foster is a comics artist who has drawn for the Judge Dredd Megazine. Tom will be on hand to help budding comics creators bring their imagination to the page. Drop – in after school for this comic – making workshop.


Comics workshop with Chris Simmonds

Friday 24th of November, 14.00-15.00 pm. Venue: Craigmillar Library. Age group: 8 +.

Spend the afternoon honing your comic book artwork and storytelling with illustrator Chris Simmonds.