Studying science allows us to make sense of the world and how things work, and to understand current issues:

  • How do mobile phones, computers and iPads work?
  • Should we eat genetically modified food?
  • How can we combat climate change and global warming?
  • What alternative energy sources can we use in the future?
  • How do medicines work and how are new medicines and vaccines developed?


Studying science also develops transferable skills which are vital for many careers:

  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving
  • Communication
  • Numeracy
  • IT

During your third and fourth years at Castlebrae Community High School, you can select to study up to two sciences – Biology or Chemistry.

In all of the sciences, much of the learning is based on carrying out experiments and making sense of the results. The assessment is based on skill development, problem solving and applying knowledge to new situations as well as traditional learning and understanding of facts.

Studying sciences can help you to get many jobs – nurse, vet, electrician, weather forecaster, optician, physiotherapist, pilot, forensic scientist, journalist, engineer, joiner, dentist, pharmacist, doctor,…