Physical Education


The Physical Education department aim to provide every child with a positive experience.

We aim to encourage a lifelong interest in sport and physical activity and promote not only the physical but also the mental, social and emotional benefits associated.

We aim to provide the support required to ensure that every students has the opportunity to fulfil and realise their potential.

The department demands that students are ambitious and committed to continuously improving in pursuit of their individual targets






Students follow a ‘Broad General Education’ which gives them the opportunity to experience numerous activities.

  • S1 Focus: Movement skills, competencies and concepts
  • S2 Focus: Competition and Cooperation
  • S3 Focus: Evaluating and Appreciating


National 4 + 5

These new qualifications challenge students to think about how their Social, Mental and Emotional skills impact on their performance as well as their practical ability.


This qualification (which is changing 2014/15) looks at improving performance through training in 3 areas: Fitness, Skills and Tactics

The students will work through a ‘cycle of analysis’ whereby they will:

  • Investigate their performance (and analyse the results found)
  • Develop their performance through a variety of different training methods
  • Evaluate their performance and look for improvements



A wide range of extra-curricular opportunities are offered before, during lunchtime and after school. This program is in partnership with our Active Schools Coordinator.

Recreational opportunities such as dance and fitness are offered as well as competitive opportunities to represent the school in activities such as football, basketball and athletics.



The PE Department continuously seeks opportunities to attend sporting events. In November we will be attending an English Premiership football fixture (Everton v Tottenham).



The Physical Education department believe volunteering opportunities are crucial to student development.

At present we currently offer:

Young Ambassadors: These Senior students are role models who are responsible for promoting physical activity in a positive light around the local community as well as assisting with the delivery of After School Clubs

PE Apprentices: These students are responsible for various tasks around the department. This ranges from updating notice boards, ensuring the department recycles its waste properly to basic maintenance of kit and equipment. These students will receive recognition of their volunteering through the Saltire Award.