The Maths Department consists of Mr. Murphy, Mr Hardman and Ms. Doak, a range of skilled Mathematics teachers who thrive on creating the best classroom environment for our students’ learning.

We currently have students ranging from Level 1 Curriculum for Excellence all the way up to Higher. We have a vast structured new curriculum for our S1-S3 cohort that covers breadth and depth of the curriculum.  We ensure that the students have a sense of pride in their work and challenge them accordingly.

As we know how much Maths is integrated into many aspects of life, we value the importance of other subjects in Maths too and make cross curricular links with many of these including Science, ICT, CDT, Health and Wellbeing and Literacy.

Students learn through a variety of methods including cooperative learning, pairs tasks and individual learning. We also value the importance of healthy competition and have involved our students in various council wide and national competitions in Maths such as challenges on and the Enterprising Maths in the Lothians competition.

We offer a range of after school help for all levels for our students and have homework clubs that take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.