S2 Course


Health and safety starts the 2nd year course, once again covering the equipment and processes in the department.


The desk tidy is often the first project started where students look at why models are made by designers and how they can quickly help in design evaluation. The students produce their own model before going onto make their product in the workshop.


The students continue with a key holder, looking at different types of joints and finishes.


As part of the acrylic project students in the past have created a mobile phone holder.

The final project is 2nd year is designing, using software, and building a structure. During this project they are introduced to how a structure supports itself using ties and struts. When complete they test it to destruction, calculating its failure loads.


At some point in 2nd year 10 students are taken to Telford College or Napier University and join in the Edinburgh wide construction challenge. This is a half day out of school with some designing and making tasks.